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Player Profile: Mary O’Neil

Dec 8, 2017

Girls hockey scores on goalie.

Provided by Mary O'neil

Girls hockey scores on goalie.

With countless hours on the ice and lots of hard work, defender Mary O’Neil, junior, is taking this hockey season on with all seriousness.

“I started playing hockey when I was six year old because my sister played,” O’neil said.

O’neil is from a hockey family, with older sister Erin, HHS alum, currently playing college hockey at the prestigious Boston University.

“My favorite thing about being on the team is being able to be a part of a sport that is really important to the culture of Minnesota,” O’neil said.

After ten games so far this season, O’neil currently has five points, one goal and four assists. O’neil is one of the top 4 defenders that the Royals roll throughout the game, and is usually a starter on the ice.

“I want to continue to improve my individual skills and I hope to help develop our team chemistry further,” O’neil said.

O’neil has not always been a defender, right before the season she switched positions to defense and adapted very quickly.

“I made the switch from forward to defense this year i’ve been able to help on the offensive asset as a defender, but there is still some areas I want to move on,” O’neil said. “I was excited to try something new but also nervous because it’s hard to make a switch like that so late in my high school hockey career.”

The Royals are 8-2 on the season, and are playing good in both ends of the ice, only giving up an average of 2.5 goals per game, and scoring an average of 4.3.

“I want us to win some of our conference matches that are coming up after winter break, and finish the season with a winning record,” O’neil said.

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