Car crash occurs in parking lot

Max Lacey, Staff Reporter

Whenever there is a car crash in the HHS parking lot, the dangers of driving are brought to the attention of students. Last week, there was a crash involving an HHS junior and the parent of a student.

“My friend and I both saw the crash, we were walking to my car when all of the sudden, we heard a crunch and bunch of students started screaming because it was pretty exciting. As Cooper was going to go and park to keep the lane clear, his car ripped the entire front bumper off [the parent’s] car. As I drove by, we saw that something was leaking all over the ground,” said Blake Kukowski, junior.

The incident was caused by a junior clipping the side of the parent’s car, and although no one involved was injured, but both sides were surprised by what had just happened.

“I’ve never been in a car crash before. But being in the school parking lot after school is really stressful. It’s like everyone is playing a game of chicken trying to leave which is confusing. For example, as I was leaving school a giant truck made their own lane turning the two lane into a three lane which was really irritating,” said Olivia Gallagher.

With a large number of students being relatively new drivers, situations such as this one serve as a warning to students to be more attentive behind the wheel.

“It really sucks that it happened. I mean, I’m glad no one got hurt, but that’s not always the case. I just hope things like this don’t happen when there’s a bunch of snow and ice on the ground,” said Nick Kanitz, junior.

The dangers of driving are especially prominent during winter season, which brings slippery and potentially life-threatening conditions. With the significance of the number of crashes in the HHS parking lot, students are taking extra precautions and even staying off the roads completely.

“I’m actually terrified to drive in the winter,” said Emily Kirk, junior, “I’m not even planning on driving to school when there’s snow on the ground. I’d rather avoid getting someone hurt while I’m on the road.”