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Gender Sexuality Alliance celebrates Ally Week

Nov 1, 2017


Julia Fromstein

Students sign a banner during lunch as a symbol of their alliance with the LGBT community. Banner signing was one major aspect of GSA’s Ally Week celebrations.

Walking around the school, many students will see rainbow ribbons on many students backpacks and clothing at HHS.

“Ally week is a week where we can appreciate all the allies,” said Debra Chepkemoi, junior and co-president of HHS’ Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA).

Run by GSA, Ally Week occurs during the third week in October.

“HHS has always had a strong support system for their LGBTQIA+ community, making it a safe place for students to come every day and get an education while being supported and understood by their peers,” said Nafi Soumare, junior.

One activity students can partake in is the signing of a poster to show their commitment in alliance to their LGBTQIA+ classmates.

“You sign your name, say the pledge, and then you receive a ribbon to show your support towards the community,” Soumare said.

According to, other schools around the country have 82 percent of students that have had problems during the previous year about sexual orientation.

“[Ally Week] for sure helps the environment here and really helps everyone feel a part of something bigger,” Chepkemoi said. “The HHS environment towards the LGBTQIA+ community has always been supportive, but having Ally Week makes everyone feel appreciated.”

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