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Volleyball falls short to Skippers in four sets

Sep 20, 2017


Adam Segal

Ana Erickson, junior, prepares to serve. The Royals fell the the Minnetonka Skippers in four sets yesterday, September 19th.

The Royals volleyball team faced off the Minnetonka Skippers at Lindbergh yesterday, Sept. 19th. The Royals came into the game with a record of eight wins and two losses while the Skippers came into the game with a record eight wins and three losses.The competition level was high, with the Royals coming off a tight win against the Skippers last season.

The Skippers held a small lead throughout most of the first set. Late in the first set, the Royals were trailing 15-20. A late spike from Jane Nelson, senior, gave the Royals hope, but they ended up falling in the first set, 25-17.

“We had good effort to get to the ball,”said Chudear Tut, sophomore.

After several very long volleys and outstanding plays on both sides of the ball in the second set, the Royals and skippers were tied at 12. Skipper fans and the Royal student section were both getting loud as the game intensified.

A couple aces from Anna Erickson, junior, gave the Royals momentum. Late in the set, the Royals were trailing the Skippers 19-22. After late pushes form both sides, the final score of the set was 25-21 Skippers.

“Overall, determination did not go well,” Tut said.

Like the other sets, the third set was back and forth pretty much the whole way, It was close early, and midway through the set it was 16-14 in favor of the Royals. The third set swung in favor of the Royals, after Erickson hit a rocket of a spike after a long rally, making it 19-15. After a display of accuracy and power form the Royals, the Royals took the third set 25-20, forcing the fourth set.

The Fourth set was more intense than ever, as neither team was giving up easy points. Midway through the set 13-17 Skippers. The Royals offense was frequenting setting from Tara Lee, senior, and kills form Erickson. The Skippers serving was leading to much success on the offense, which led the Skippers to a win in four sets.

“This loss tells us that we can’t come back towards the end of the set, we have to pretend it’s 26-26 the whole set,” Tut said.

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