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B-Dubs Express hits Knollwood and HHS students

Sep 19, 2017

The Buffalo Wild Wings company has developed an innovative initiative in the Hopkins and St.Louis Park community for faster dining along with B-Dubs famous taste. B-Dubs Express is a fast food restaurants version of Buffalo Wild Wings with a simpler menu.

They didn’t just make B-Dubs Express a simpler version of B-dubs they made some additions too.

According to KARE 11 Todd Kronebusch, vice president of marketing development, said “We added some flares to our new restaurant. One cool innovation was the sauce wall where you can try any one of our 21 sauces.”

B-dubs express is also much smaller as it can only hold up to 30-50 people and is more focused on speedy service and a much more efficient take out service.

Ben Cacka, senior, has been an employee at B-Dubs Express since it opened in August.

“It takes me about 7-8 minutes to knock out one order cutting the time at a regular B-Dubs in half,” cacka said.

“We took the Fast Break, our 15-minute lunch guarantee in our full-house restaurants and applied that whole mentality to B-Dubs Express,” Kronebusch said.

With food being made at such a fast rate it has become the top choice for some HHS students for a quick bite.

“I loved Buffalo Wild Wings, but I didn’t go there that often as it would take forever to get your food and now with this new B-Dubs Express I go there at least a few times a week, because I can just run in and out,” said Abdi Samanter, junior.

The B-Dubs Express experiment is foreseen to grow as the concept has been successful in both pilot locations.

“So far I think the B-Dubs experiment is fantastic, we are always crazy busy and I think this platform could end up going everywhere,” Cacka said.

According to Buffalo Wild Wings online site B-Dubs Express is all about convenience, speed, quality of food and value.

“B-Dubs Express has delivered on their goals and we are expecting to spread,” said Sally Smith, CEO of Buffalo Wild Wings.

The next B-Dubs Express is looking to expand to Golden Valley and Maple Grove as those are other areas where a Buffalo Wild Wings is not located and could promote even further growth across the state.

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