Soccer experiences low fan turnout

Sep 18, 2017

The stands seemed desolate on Saturday, Sept. 9 for the girls’ soccer game.

Although a few loyal Hopkins fans were cheering on their Royals, the crowd was barren in comparison to other sports events. Previous years haven’t been much better, either, according to varsity captain Kylie Newcomb, senior.

“We never get much of a turnout, even though we love to have fans come watch,” Newcomb said. 

The boys team played against Edina last Tuesday and had the same situation. Ben Paschke, junior, argues that this could be due to the Royals’ skill.

“We usually get mostly parents and other family members to come to games. Rarely do students come,” said Ben Paschke, junior. “Hopkins has a history of being terrible at soccer. People don’t want to come and watch their team lose.”

Some think the issue could be due to lack of promotion, but the players would disagree. With the boys team promoting their games through
Snapchat, Hopkins students have a wide range of social media to see where and when games are taking place

“We post the game location and time to our Twitter account,” Newcomb said. “Girls on the team even post to their Instagram’s.”

The Royal players give lack of popularity as another possibility to explain the low number of fans.

“Soccer just isn’t as popular as other sports like football or basketball,” Paschke said. 

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