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HHS brings in college reps to speak to students

Sep 18, 2017

Every year several colleges come to HHS and talk to sophomores, juniors, and seniors to get their mind thinking about different schools.

“Last school year [2016/17], as a sophomore, I went to probably six or seven college visits. A few meetings that I still remember are Northern Michigan, Tampa, and Central Michigan,” said Alexis Stephenson, junior.

Although sophomores are a couple years away from choosing a college, it is still important to get an idea of what colleges look like and what they offer. Junior year is the year where college visits come in place and senior year is the last chance to look at a couple more schools or last minute decisions and then apply to them.

Generally, colleges come every day or every other couple of days to speak with students. The colleges that come are from all over the state so it really gives students an idea location wise.

“During most college visits, only one to two kids show up, but a school like DePaul in Chicago, coming on September 19th, has five kids signed up,” said Nathan Johnson, Student Information Specialist.

The visits also help students get an idea of what programs they are interested in and what the school has to offer in it. Not all schools want an ACT and many do, or some schools don’t ask for as high of an ACT as other. This gives a chance for students to become educated in the school before they really know they want to tour it.

“I recently went to the Northern Michigan University college visit, which is my top choice right now,” said Averee Peterson, senior. “It was really helpful because it made me more confident to say my top choice is this school.”

If you want to stay updated for upcoming college visits and sign up for a meeting, go onto Naviance Family Connection (Hopkins), login, go under the subject colleges, and a whole list of the college names, times, and the place of meeting will be available.

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