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Course offerings expand with Entrepreneurship 1 class

Sep 8, 2017


Adam Segal

Mr. Theirl instructs class on how to be successful in interviews. Theirl looks to push students to learn new entrepreneurship skills to further their successfulness in the future.

Business admirers are getting a new opportunity this year through the addition of an entrepreneurship class.

Jesse Theirl, business teacher and long time advisor of DECA, has taken on the task of teaching HHS students about creating and growing their own businesses. The class will allow aspiring entrepreneurs from HHS to meet with successful business owners and run the school store.

“I think the main thing that kids walk away with is exposer. They get to talk to people that have done their own thing and have worked in a number of fields. Also just the communication pieces and working with outside people will really help the students learn essential skills and leave well prepared for wherever they go from here,” Theirl said.

With 35 HHS students deciding to enroll in the new class, there were lots of different objectives.

John Otieno, senior, decided to take Entrepreneurship fully on his love for Mr. Theirl taught classes.

“I love Mr. Theirl; he is one of my favorite teachers in this whole school. Every class I’ve taken with Theirl as the teacher, I learn so much about business and is a great guy to have a conversation with,” Otieno said.

Nico Shirley, senior, chose to take the entrepreneurship class because of his interests in further knowledge of what he could study in college.

“I took the class because I wanted to jump start my knowledge of starting a business and what it takes to be an entrepreneur. I think it will give me an edge in college because most schools don’t offer entrepreneurship,” Shirley said.

Entrepreneurship classes are on the rise in high schools; According to CNBC there has been a 23% increase since 2010 in entrepreneurship classes being offered in high schools nationwide.

“Its great to see that so many people are interested in business and entrepreneurship,” Theirl said.

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