New club promotes Pagan culture at education

February 12, 2020

For Mrs. Jennifer Heimlich, having clubs such as the Pagan cub is important for the identity of the school. 

“I think that all students and their beliefs and their ideas should be validated and given space in the school. I’m also the advisor for the Muslim Student Association. Whenever I can help students facilitate that sort of space I like to do it,” said Heimlich.

Heimlich, an AP World History teacher and AVID advisor, was approached by Freddy Estres, junior, and had the opportunity to become the advisor for a new club in November of last year. 

“Freddy came to me and asked if I’d be the advisor and I said absolutely. I think it’s cool and I like to support student groups in whatever direction they decide to go. Whenever I can, I say yes”, said Heimlich. 

The Pagan club is focused on the education of Pagan culture. This entails the study of polytheistic religions and mythology. 

“Typically we’ll cover a subject so like we cover traditional Paganism which is tools, pantheon, and any other aspects. Right now we’re moving on to Native American spiritualism and West African,” said Estres.

As of now, the club doesn’t celebrate any Pagan holidays, but when asked about it Freddy said that he would like to start integrating celebrations into their meetings to create a welcoming environment that is still educational for the club. 

Heimlich is better known as an AP World History teacher, and she hopes to possibly interweave some of her knowledge of world history into the club. 

“If they’re talking about West African stuff and how it kind of translates to this part of the world, like through the different belief systems over here, that stuff I know a lot about and that’s something that I’ve researched for like the last 30 years or so,” said Heimlich. 

As of now, there are around 5-8 people who attend the meetings. For students that are interested, there are meetings every Tuesday from 2:45 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. in room W112. 

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