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Senior Spotlight: Jordan Passman

May 29, 2019

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Senior Spotlight: Jordan Passman

For Jordan Passman, senior, snorkeling as a kid wasn’t just a normal activity. Passman looked beyond the colorful fish and saw meaning in the deep blue.

Passman began to gain interest in the field of marine biology at the young age of 13 when he vacationed in Jamaica.

“I was in Jamaica and my dad suggested we try scuba diving. It was an experience I’ll never forget and I immediately knew that I wanted to keep scuba diving and learning about the ocean,” Passman said.

Passman will be attending the University of Miami in the fall of 2019.

“I chose Miami because it has one of the leading marine science programs in the country, along with many other reasons like location, size, and culture,” Passman said.

Passman chose a unique major that is not offered elsewhere that combines two of his major interests.

“The Rosenstiel School of Atmospheric and Marine Sciences offers a major called Marine Affairs that most schools don’t have. It combines Marine Biology with business and policy,” Passman said. “I was already thought I wanted to major in business or marine biology, but at Miami, I could have a little of both.”

Passman believes society hasn’t even begun to scratch the surface on information about our oceans.

“We know more about the exterior of Mars than we do about our own oceans. There’s still so much more to discover in marine biology and I feel like most other sciences have already made their major discoveries,” Passman said.

Passman has already taken steps to prepare himself for his future career. Last summer, he went on a two-week program called Actionquest which was structured around marine biology and scuba diving. The program took place in the British Virgin Islands.

“I went on 23 dives, earned 4 new scuba certification, like night diving and underwater photography, and learned a lot about marine life in the Caribbean as well as other topics studied in marine biology,” Passman said. “We had limited fresh water, so showers meant everyone jumped in the ocean in bathing suits, jumped out, soaped up, jumped back in to rinse it out, and then a 10-second fresh water rinse. There were definitely times I would have rather been at home in my bed eating good food, but looking back, I know I wouldn’t give up that experience for the world.”

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