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Senior Spotlight: Mimi Gewirtz

May 29, 2019

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Senior Spotlight: Mimi Gewirtz

Mimi Gewirtz, 12, is going on Kivunim. Kivunim an academic program in which you travel around the world while going back to your “base” in Israel periodically. She will then attend George Washington in the fall of 2020. This trip is a great opportunity to get away from the real world and connect with the rich diversity of the Jewish culture.

On this trip she will be going to India, Maraco, Spain, Greece, Central Europe and many other countries. This program is just as expensive as going to a whole year of college, however, it is an opportunity she will never forget.

She doesn’t leave until October 2019 and returns in June of 2020. Gewirtz has yet to meet any of her travel mates, however, she has reached out to a few on scoial media.

Gewirtz is doing this instead of going to college in the fall because she wanted a break from the stress of school. She also doesn’t know what she wants to major in, and feels as if she wanted more time to think about what she wants to do in the future.

She looks forward to exploring all the different places. “I am excited to see the world, learn about different cultures and see the importance of coexistence” said Gewirtz. She can’t wait to see where this year takes her.

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