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Senior Spotlight: Izzy Miller

May 29, 2019

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Senior Spotlight: Izzy Miller

Izzy Miller, senior, plans to continue her education endeavours by attending college in Ireland.

Miller’s family is ethnically Irish. In fact, they have been living is Lisburn for 400 years.

“I have heard all of these stories about this amazing homeland,” Miller said.“The relationship between the Irish and the Minnesotan side of my family is dwindling a little bit, as it becomes more and more distant, and I thought you know what this is something I care about.”

As other seniors went on college visits, Miller explored colleges in Ireland via Google Images and sometimes, if she was lucky, virtual tours that were available online.

The college Miller will be attending after high school holds admissions later in the year than most schools in America do. Freshman applications closed permanently on June 30, instead of the typical date, May 5.

“In college I am going to go into a world languages major,” Miller said. “I am going to keep going with German, I am going to keep going with Chinese. Additionally, I would like to pick up a little bit of Gaelic and a little bit of Korean.”

After college, Miller would ideally want to pursue a career teaching languages.  Whether it be an English Language Learner (ELL) type of teaching, or be apart of some sort of a foreign teacher abroad program, Miller’s goal lies within the realm of world languages.  

Whether it being through connecting to family roots or exploring world languages, Miller is excited to be back in Ireland.

“I got off the plane [in Ireland], touched the ground and smelled the air, and I know it’s super cheesy, but I thought to myself ‘okay, this is where I’m supposed to be,’” Miller said. “This is what I’m supposed to do.”

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