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Senior Spotlight: Katie Blad

May 29, 2019

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Senior Spotlight: Katie Blad

Although lots of kids across the world attend a college and/or a University after they finish and graduate high school, it isn’t the only option.

Katie Blad, senior, will be traveling to Australia next year, living with a local family there while also looking after their kids when their parents aren’t able to.

“I just feel like this was the best option for me,” said Blad. “I understand why most kids go to college right after high school, but for me, traveling the world is something I have always wanted to do.”

Australia is a country in which kids go to oper a family. In many ways, this matures you and prepares you better for the real world then any way college or school can.

“Being and living on my own in a whole different country will be amazing for me. It will teach me so many life skills and beyond. The great thing is I can always go back to college, which is most likely what I’ll do after a year or two,” said Blad.

Katie decided on this back in January, but has been in the back of her mind for awhile now.

“I am just super glad I am really going through with it. I’ve always thought about traveling the world and am just so happy I have this opportunity,” said Blad.

Katie leaves for Canberra, Australia June 25th, and is so excited for new experiences to come her way.

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