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Senior Spotlight: Mario Hadley

May 29, 2019

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Senior Spotlight: Mario Hadley

Mario Hadley, senior, is one of the many leaders at HHS. He took something he is passionate about and made a difference within a movement, My Story. This was originally not well known in our school and now it has grown into a popular organization within the community.

My Story is a Christian outreach event that highlights religion and the importance of faith in one’s life. Because of Hadley and his peers, this movement spread and grew popular among HHS students.

Hadley recently found passion in Christianity and has been affected in numerous positive ways in which he never expected.

“I just became Christian a couple years ago and it’s changed my life a ton. Not only has Christianity become prominent in my life, it has changed who I am,” said Hadley.

He chose to share his newly found passion with his fellow peers at HHS and other students around Minnesota. Hadley did this by promoting this organization, which resonated with him and his personal beliefs. He wanted to promote this event so others could experience the same connection and feeling.

With Hadley’s and his peers’ involvement, My Story became better known among the HHS student body. My Story held its first event, which attracted a variety of people, ranging from students to teachers to pastors. The high attendance of 150 people exceeded their expectations.

Hadley’s strong passion drove him to change the lives of his fellow students and make a difference within his peers.

“The event went really well and we are hoping that this becomes an annual thing so more people are able to experience the same joy as all of us,” said Hadley.

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