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Senior Spotlight: Maggie Dosdall

May 29, 2019

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Senior Spotlight: Maggie Dosdall

An independent study at a preschool is something that almost no high schooler has done, and to most spending a good portion of your day with three and four year olds doesn’t sound the most enjoyable.

However, to Maggie Dosdall, senior, spending time with those kids is something she has seen herself doing for most of her life.

Dosdall was looking forward to contributing her time to a school with younger kids which happened to be, Lucy Lyons classroom at Glen Lake, since her freshman year.

She was inspired by not only community involvement, a popular class choice at Hopkins, which allows for students to be active in the surrounding community, but her high school volunteers when she was younger.

Dosdall loved her time at Glen Lake so much during her first semester this year, that she wanted to concentrate even more time there.

She worked with the Hopkins staff, who were very supportive and flexible, to allocate more of her time there to volunteer.

“I produced three papers focused on what I learned in the classroom setting,” Dosdall said.

The independent study option is something that only a small amount of students take advantage of, and Dosdall thought it was worth every second of it.

“By having the opportunity to work in a classroom for a portion of the year reaffirmed my love for working with children and is a large aspect of why I am going to study early childhood education in college,” Dosdall said.

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