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New ASL teacher at HHS already making a good impression

January 24, 2019

As of the 2018-1019 school year, Mr. Guille decided to move his, American Sign Language, teaching career to Eden Prairie high school.

Our old teacher Mr. Guille moved to Eden Prairie High school last year and this year we got a new American Sign Language teacher, her name is Ms.Windt.

Every classroom should not just be learning the language but they should consider the culture as well.

“She believes in an ASL zone, meaning we aren’t able to speak and we must sign everything we want to ask or talk about. It was similar to last year with Mr. Guille but Ms. Windt enforces it more than he did,” said Kaitlyn Johnson, junior

“This is my first year teaching and I’ve wanted to teach American Sign Language in order to connect the hearing world to the deaf world. I also wanted to educate the hearing world on deaf culture as they’re very different. I would recommend to continue signing outside of the class either with a partner or in a club.” said Ms.Windt, World language.

Overall, the new American sign language teacher has impacted our school. She has given us a better understanding of what deaf culture is like and has improved our sign usage.

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