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Cast list for Winter One Acts 2019 finalized

December 8, 2018

Christmas has come early for theater actor and theatergoer alike, this year.

The school musical just came to a close, yet only a few days ago, the cast list for Winter One Acts 2019 was already finalized.

The new list comes only a couple of weeks after the debut of “Damn Yankees”, a musical which made nearly as much on its first day as the last musical made during its entire run.

Five one act shows will be on display this year, each of them take a smaller amount of time than a regular length play. Some, like “Paper Thin and “Between Two Friends,” are smaller affairs with two to four actors.

Other one acts are utter behemoths, like the familiarly titled “Twelve Angry Jurors,” which has a cast of thirteen actors, as well as the play “Speech!, which is comprised of twelve.

A fifth play, promisingly named “Jerry Springer is a God,” will also be running at Hopkins this year. Although it calls for six actors, it has yet to be cast. Auditions for the piece were only held very recently at the time of writing.

That show will be touring outside of the school as well and will compete in the Minnesota State High School League One-Act Competition.

Many of the actors who will be acting in this year’s one acts are returning from the musical.

However, this year’s one acts are also special for the amount of relative newcomers who’ve been brought into the fold.

Whatever the case, the HHS 2019 Winter One Acts are bound to be an exciting affair. If you’re looking for entertainment or just curious as to what theater has to offer, then you can’t go wrong with these mid-year theater pieces.

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