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Tuesday Taste: Lunds and Byerlys

January 23, 2018

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Tuesday Taste: Lunds and Byerlys

Kris Kaiser

Kris Kaiser

Kris Kaiser

When you think of Byerlys, you come to an automatic conclusion that it is just your ordinary grocery store. There is so much more to it.

Lunds and Byerlys was founded in 1997 and ever since, progress has been made.

The Byerlys in Minnetonka, most convenient for kids that live in Hopkins, has a built in sushi bar, salad bar, deli, bakery, Big Bowl, and Tucci Benucch.

Tucci is an italian restaurant that you can also find in the Mall of America. They serve foods like pasta, meatballs and pizza.

My all time favorite food there is the rigatoni pasta.

This pasta is cylindrical penne noodles topped with a mix of marinara sauce and alfredo sauce.

This pasta dish is a filling, not too expensive meal that is very good and could probably feed one to two people.

Tucci Benucch is a sit down restaurant in the Mall of America but at Byerly’s it is a take out bar that is very quick and convenient.

They are also constantly making fresh batches of every food at Tucci so when a customer gets their food, it is guaranteed to be hot and fresh out of the oven.

The difference between the Byerly’s Big Bowl and Tucci is that the Big Bowl line takes a very long time but at Tucci they know how to keep the line moving and do whatever it takes to suit every customers needs.

Overall Tucci Benucch is the best restaurant in Byerly’s and is a nine out of ten on a scale of one to ten.

Overall Rating: 9/10

13081 Ridgedale Dr, Minnetonka, MN 55305

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