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Tuesday Taste: Crepe and Spoon

January 9, 2018

Ayanna Maddox
Menu at Crepe and Spoon.

Crepe and Spoon is a splendid creperie and ice cream parlor new to the twin cities, located in Northeast Minneapolis. Officially opened in Nov. 2017, the shop specializes in vegan treats, offering a variety of sweet and savory vegan crepes, as well as 12 different ice cream flavors, two of which contain dairy.  

Owner, Rachel Booth was inspired to open a (mostly) dairy-free ice cream parlor partially due to her partners lactose-intolerance, but also because she felt those who can’t or choose not to consume dairy deserve dairy free treat choices as well.

Not only that, she is also interested in decreasing consumption of animal products, and expanding palates. The shop hopes that by also offering dairy based ice creams, they will not only be inclusive, but change a few minds about vegan ice cream.

Crepe and Spoon is also partnered with other vegan friendly business throughout the twin cities, and even features items from the Herbivorous Butcher in some of their crepes.

When I stopped by Crepe and Spoon, I was pleasantly surprised at the deliciousness of both their crepes and ice creams, but also the awesome customer service and cuteness of their shop.

While I was there, I tried a variety of different ice creams, all of which were delicious, along with their banana and cocoa and red jam crepes. I also brought along friends who were neither vegan or dairy free, and they both loved what Crepe and Spoon had to offer.

The average crepe price is approximately $7, and a single scoop of ice cream is about $4.

I also learned that their dairy free ice creams are primarily made of coconut milk, almond milk, and cashew cream.

Although Crepe and Spoon is a bit far from the Minnetonka-Hopkins area, I would say it is worth the drive! Dairy free, vegan, or just someone who is interested in delicious food, Crepe and Spoon is a tasty and unique spot to grab a bite to eat.

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